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APA Style in the Classroom

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Useful Online Resources


APA Style guide


APA Style guide handouts


Purdue Owl APA Style Guide


Tulane Library Guide How to get APA reference from Google Scholar


Find Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) using CrossRef: "[R]etrieve Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for journal articles, books, and chapters by simply cutting and pasting the reference list..."


Teach APA Style using WebCAPSI: "A web-based PSI method for teaching or learning about APA style."


Other Resources


Appleby, D. C. (2010). Why and how to write APA-style citations in the body and reference section of your papers. Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Office of Teaching Resources. Retrieved from https://teachpsych.org/Resources/Documents/otrp/resources/appleby10.pdf

     PowerPoint resource here.

 Essay mills -- a coarse lesson on cheating

Zotero: free, easy-to-use tool 2 help u collect, organize, cite, share ur research sources



APA Assignment (Original: Scott Bates)

This assignment is taken directly from my syllabus for the Orientation to the Major course that I offer at Utah State University (though it is likely influenced by the assignments of others--I don't consider this an original work!). It includes three parts and is designed to (a) increase students' familiarity with the APA manual, and (b) get students thinking and writing about the reason that APA style exists.


Free tutorials


APA Tutorial, Univ of Southern Mississippi.  Includes a post-test where the results can be emailed to the instructor.


APA Style Tutorial from APA. Nice multimedia presentation.  No quiz at the end, though.


Useful Videos

These videos are courtesy of Eric Landrum (Boise State University)

Updated for APA 7th


Not updated for APA 7th, but some good tips throughout.


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