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Personality Videos

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Freudian Defense Mechanisms

In this video from The Psych Files podcast, students will see key defense mechanisms at work as an animated Freud answers a tech support call from a frustrated person (host Michael Britt) who needs help with his computer.  Demonstrated are Denial, Sublimation, Regression, and Reaction Formation. Also seen is an example of Dream Analysis and Catharsis.  Students should find this humorous and educational.


Personality Collection (Clips for Class, Cengage)

Several short video clips streamed from YouTube related to personality, including traits and assessment. 


The Mind Hidden and Divided (Discovering Psychology Series, 2001)

"Based on the pioneering research of Sigmund Freud, this program explores how the events and experiences that take place in the subconscious manifest themselves in our conscious lives. You'll learn about repression, the distinction between discovered and false memory syndrome, hypnosis, and split-brain cases."


The Self (Discovering Psychology Series, 2001)

"In this program, you'll explore how psychologists study the origins of self-identity, self-esteem, and the social determinants of self-concepts. You'll also learn about some of the emotional and motivational consequences of self-esteem."






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