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Statistics Video

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How to Set Up a Basic Psychological Experiment

In this video episode from The Psych Files podcast, professor Michael Britt shows students how to set up a basic study in psychology.  Independent and dependent variables are demonstrated, along with concepts like between and within groups designs, and when a t-tests or anova are required.


An Example of a Factorial Design

Another video episode from The Psych Files podcast in which professor Britt provides an example of how research in psychology might utilize a factorial design. During the video, main and interaction effects are demonstrated using an interesting topic - physical attraction and its possible effects on jury decisions.


Video Research Activity

Thompson and Fisher-Thompson (2013) describe their video research activity in this ToP article.

     Links: Healing Touch video, PBS-Scientific American Frontiers' "A Different Way to Heal"

     A Close Look at Therapeutic Touch (Rosa, Rosa, Sarner, & Barrett, 1998)



Pre-Game Coin Toss Makes Jacksonville Jaguars Realize Randomness of Life (The Onion) (Thanks to Jessica Hartnett via NotAwfulAndBoring.Blogspot!)

     Could be used to introduce probability. Read more about how it could be used in this blog post.



SPSS Demonstrations


Using SPSS. (Courtesy of Eric Landrum, 1/2010) Download the dataset used in these videos: SPSS file or csv file. Note that the SPSS file preserves the variable names. 


Statistics Collection

Several short video clips related to statistics.  "Clips for Class" made available by Cengage.


The Central Limit Theorem (Hat tip to Jessica Hartnett via STP Facebook Group 7/24/13)

Andy Field explains the Central Limit Theorem through an example that includes a population of 100,000 zombies and a discussion of how many blows to the head will kill a zombie. 



Chi Square Test of Independence: Investigating Fingerprint Types (Hat tip to Michael Britt via Twitter)

Students interested in forensic psychology and police dramas should enjoy this example of the Chi-Square Test of Independence: fingerprint type and sex. 




Critical thinking about various statistical topics


"Oxford mathematician Peter Donnelly reveals the common mistakes humans make in interpreting statistics -- and the devastating impact these errors can have on the outcome of criminal trials."



Gigernezer on problems that arise when the media misinterpret research findings (via notawfulandboring.blogger.com)


Gerd "I love heuristics" Gigernezer talking about the misinterpretation of research by the media (in particular, misinterpretation of data about oral contraceptives leads to increases in abortions). He argues that such misinterpretation isn't just bad reporting, but unethical.



Central Limit Theorem video using bunnies and dragons (via NotAwfulandBoring.blogspot.com).


A fun, artistic explanation of the distribution of means and central limit theory (as well as some commentary by the NYT) by the folks over at Creature Cast.


TED talks for statistics class (via NotAwfulandBoring.blogspot.com)

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