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Taste Demos

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Taste transduction and spatial coding (courtesy of Joseph Swope via PSYCHTEACHER listserv 9/10/13) 

This demonstration requires a special material, a bag of Hersey Kisses.  Distribute a Kiss to each student.  Have them "dry" their tongue as much as possible.  One method, however awkward they might be, is to have students blot their tongues with a paper towel or napkin.  Once the tongue is free of saliva, have the students place the Kiss on the back of the tongue.  It is helpful to have students look up while doing this so saliva has a more difficult time reaching the tip of the tongue.  Most students will report that they feel the texture and weight of the candy, but they do not taste sweetness.  Some will report that they can smell the aroma of cocoa but cannot taste chocolate.  Eventually the saliva will carry chocolate molecules to the front of the tongue and the students will taste sweetness.


"Do Sour Taste Preferences Change with Age" - from Scientific American

This would make a good group project.

"Have you ever wondered if people of all ages love sour foods, or if age correlates with this preference? There are a lot of different kinds of sour candies and drinks you may have seen advertised before, some having only a mild sour flavor and others that are truly mouth-puckering! In this activity you will investigate if there is a difference between the sour preferences of kids and adults. If you developed a super-sour food, to whom would you try to sell it?"


You can also have students find out if they are a super taster by using food dye to color the taste buds.  Instructions at Scientific American

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