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APA Rules

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This is the official PBWorks page of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Div. 2) of the American Psychological Association.


General Rules:

1. Use respectful and professional language.

2. Refrain from solicitation of research participants.

3. Do not use the group for illegal purposes, such as defamation, violation of intellectual property law, violation of antitrust or criminal law.

4. Avoid interfering with other group members, network services, or network equipment (e.g. do not send chain letters, viruses/worms)

5. Do not use the group for commercial purposes.

6. Refrain from endorsing any candidate in federal, state or local elections.

7. Do not use the group to campaign unofficially for leadership positions in APA or other outside organizations.


APA shall take all reasonable steps to monitor this page, the content, and the posts.  If you discover any content in violation of the general rules set forth above, please notify the page administrator for review.


By participating in this forum, you are agreeing to abide by the General Rules above and these terms of use.

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