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How to Study for a Psychology Course (2010) courtesy of JuliaGrace Jester. Download the presentation slides.

Customize these 17 presentation slides to help students better prepare for exams.














Essay Instructions in Psychology (2004) courtesy of Stuart J. McKelvie and Leo G. Standing.  Download the PDF.

"This [26-page] paper presents the requirements for writing a psychology essay or term paper. It describes what is included in each section: Title Page, Abstract, Text (Introduction, Argument, Conclusion), References, and Appendix. The most important guideline is that the essay must normally address a research question and defend a thesis by clearly presenting a reasoned argument, with facts, based on scientific evidence from published primary sources."


Guide to Academic Honesty (2004) by Stuart J. McKelvie, Stephen L. Black, and Leo G. Standing.  Download the PDF.

The authors provide students with a 12-page guide to avoiding academic dishonesty.


Study Skills Booklet (2004) courtesy of Stuart J. McKelvie, Leo G. Standing, and David D. Smith.  Download the PDF.

The authors provide students, in this 23-page booklet, with a number of study tips including how to create an environment conducive to studying, note-taking from both reading and lecture, and how to prepare for tests.