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Introductory Psychology in the Classroom

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Course design

Digital Intro: Revitalizing the “Introduction to Psychology” course through Project-based Learning

(From a post by Kristin Flaming in facebook's "Hub for Intro Psych (HIP))

Here is a video syllabus corresponding to their Intro to Psychology Projects.


The APA Introductory Psychology Initiative

Recommendations for Teaching Introductory Psychology: site includes Student Learning Outcomes for Intro to Psyc, Course design ideas to assist instructors in integrating the themes included in the Student Learning Outcomes, Assignments and Lesson Plans.


Beyond Milgram: Expanding Research Ethics Education to Participant Responsibilities (2012)

From the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology (OTRP). 

          Includes modules on participant responsibilities when participating in research and strategies for increasing engagement in research. Knowledge Retention Questions follow.




Examples of Assignments that are mapped on to APA IPI SLOs

(Intro to Psychology Initiative, Student Learning Outcomes). The SLOs appear in the link above ("The APA Introductory Psychology Initiative") created by Dr. Regan Gurung and shared on Facebook's "Hub for Intro Psych (HIP")


Meme-creation: final project assignment shared by Lisa Gildener on the STP Facebook page:

Chalik_meme creation assignment.docx Chalik_meme creation assignment.docx


A semester project investigating "Big Problems" relevant to Psychology 

From the 2021 PsychOne Conference: a presentation by Alison Melley (shared by Regan Gurung on Facebook's HIP page)

Discussion Board Prompts for a semester in Intro to Psych- document created by Kiersten Baughman, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Psychology, Valley City State University that appeared on STP's Facebook Page

Document includes prompts for every chapter of typical Introduction to Psychology Textbooks


Introduction to Psychology Discussion Board Prompts.docx 





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