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Assessment of Communication Skills

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APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major

GOAL 7: Communication Skills: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats.

7.1 Demonstrate effective writing skills in various formats (e.g., essays, correspondence, technical papers, note taking) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, defending, explaining, persuading, arguing, teaching).

7.2 Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in various formats (e.g., group discussion, debate, lecture) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, defending, explaining, persuading, arguing, teaching).

7.3 Exhibit quantitative literacy.

7.4 Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.

7.5 Exhibit the ability to collaborate effectively.


Assessment tools

Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency

College-Level Assessment (CLA) Written Communication

College-Level Academic Skills Test: English Language and Reading Skills

WorkKeys Foundational Skills Assessment: Writing


Landrum, E. & McCarthy, M. (2010). Assessing Student Skills in the Undergraduate Psychology Major. Best Practices Conference, Atlanta, GA.



AAC&U VALUE Rubric: Written Communication

     Components of the rubric:

Context of and purpose of writing

Content development

Genre and disciplinary conventions

Sources and evidence

Control of syntax and mechanics


AAC&U VALUE Rubric: Oral Communication

   Components of the rubric:




Supporting material

Central message


AAC&U VALUE Rubric: Quantitative Literacy

     Components of the rubric:












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