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First day of class

Concept Song Title (Year) Artist  Contributor  Contributor comments
Introduction to the course  "Start Me Up" (1981) Rolling Stones  Jeff Bartel   
Introduction to the course  

"The End Is the Beginning Is the End" (1997)

The Smashing Pumpkins  Jeff Bartel    
Introduction to the course, psychology as a science "Weird Science" (1985)
Oingo Boingo
Jeff Bartel
Introduction to the course    "Are You Ready?" (2000)  Creed  Jeff Bartel   
Introduction to the course     "Blitzkrieg Bop" (1976) The Ramones  Jeff Bartel   (Hey, Ho, Let's Go) 
Introduction to the course    

"Let's Get it Started" (2004)

Black Eyed Peas  Jeremy Houska   
Introduction to the course      "Let's Get it Started" (1988)
MC Hammer  Jeremy Houska    
Introduction to the course    "Time 4 Sum Aksion" (1992) Redman Jeremy Houska  "Action" = active learning, note-taking, etc.
Introduction to the course "Welcome Back" (2004)  Mase  Jeremy Houska  Samples elements of the Welcome Back Kotter theme.
Introduction to the course Welcome Back Kotter theme song (1975) John Sebastian Jeremy Houska   
Introduction to the course "Good To See You" (2000) Neil Young Jeremy Houska  
Introduction to the course  "Ready 2 Go" (2011)  Martin Solveig  Jeremy Houska   
Introduction to the course
"Sit Next to Me" (2017)
Foster the People
Angela Kelling



Last day of class

Concept Song Title (Year) Artist  Contributor  Contributor comments
Last day of class or any time before an exam "Three Little Birds" (1980) Bob Marley & The Wailers Maya Aloni  


By Topic


Topic Concept Song Title (Year) Artist Contributor Contributor Comments
Cognition Counterfactual thinking, simulation heuristic  "Ironic" (1996) Alanis Morissette  Roos Vonk, Ann Weber   
Cognition Self-serving biases  "Positively 4th Street" (1965)  Bob Dylan  Ann Weber   
Cognition Decision-making  "Did you ever have to make up your mind?" (1966)  The Lovin' Spoonful  Judith Harackiewicz   
Cognition Change in internal working models  "Sweet Side" (2003)  Lucinda Williams  Tasha Howe   
Cognition Intelligence/ IQ  "Wonderful World" (1960)   Sam Cooke  Ann Weber   
Cognition Daydreaming  "Daydream" (1966) (1992 cover) The Lovin' Spoonful ; Right Said Fred Steve Jones   
Cognition Hindsight bias  "I Knew You Were Trouble" (2012) Taylor Swift  Jeremy Houska  The song's hook speaks to the hindsight bias ("I knew you were trouble when you walked in..." Probably not.) 
Cognition Schemas "Techno" Strongbad Jessica Hill Just an interesting example of a schema for a genre of music
Cognition Dreams/Altered consciousness  Walking on a Dream (2008)  Empire of the Sun  Elaine Holmes   
Comparative Psyc Animal behavior, rats as research subjects  "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" (1995) The Smashing Pumpkins  Mark Pezzo  People may refer to the song as "Rat in a Cage" although the song's actual title is "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" 
Consciousness altered states of consciousness  "Young, wild, and free" (2011) Snoop Dogg et al.  Kris Gunawan   
Consciousness substance abuse  "Billy Gnosis" (1983) Bad Religion  Chris Fowler   
Consciousness prevalence of drug use "We are all on drugs" (2005)  Weezer  Jeremy Houska   
Consciousness altered consciousness, escapism  "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party)" (1987) Beastie Boys  Jeremy Houska   
Consciousness conscious awareness in activities, flow experiences  "Lose yourself" (2002) Eminem  Jeremy Houska  video has edited lyrics 
Consciousness variations in consciousness, cocaine, stimulants, increases in central nervous system activation "White Lines (Don't Do It)" (1983) Grandmaster Flash  Jeremy Houska  After going deeper into the lyrics, could discuss the persuasiveness of songs. Music as vehicles for attitude and behavior change.
Consciousness variations in consciousness, alcohol, depressants, decreases in central nervous system activation  "Gin and Juice" (1994) Snoop Dogg  David Piazzaro, Jeremy Houska   
Consciousness alcohol expectancies, physiological vs. psychological effects of alcohol "Funky Cold Medina" (1989) Tone Loc Jeremy Houska  
Consciousness Psychoactive drugs  "Comfortably Numb" (1979) Pink Floyd  David Butler, Steve Jones   
Consciousness Psychoactive drugs  "Purple Pills" (2001) D12  David Butler  coarse lyrics 
Consciousness LSD  "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (1967) The Beatles  Mark Pezzo, Gary Baker  Song is not really about LSD (although some are led to believe it is with the posted video from Yellow Submarine)... or is it?
Consciousness marijuana  "I love you Mary Jane" (1993)  Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill  David Pizarro   
Consciousness Dreams, dreaming, theories of dreaming  "Dream On" (1973) Aerosmith  Jeremy Houska, Steve Jones   
Consciousness Dreams "Behind the Wall of Sleep" (1986) The Smithereens Jeff Henriques  
Consciousness Alcoholism "Underneath the Bottle" (1982) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques  
Consciousness Alcoholism "The Power of Positive Drinking" (1980) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques  
Consciousness Alcoholism "The Last Shot" (1983) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques Use all three Lou Reed songs to chart the course of alcohol abuse
Consciousness Drug treatment  "Only Changing Drugs" (1995) Stuart Davis  Jeffrey Ratcliff-Crain   
Consciousness Escapism, perceptions of reality  "Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine" (1991) PM Dawn  Steve Jones   
Consciousness Hypnosis, suggestibility "Hypnotize" (1996)  Notorious B.I.G.  Jeremy Houska  Mildly coarse lyrics. 
Consciousness Wasted "Wasted" (2014) Tiesto ft.  Matthew Koma Jeremy Houska  
Consciousness Drug Addiction  "Needle and the Damage Done" (1972)  Neil Young  Elaine Holmes   
Consciousness Drug Addiction "Not An Addict" (1996) K's Choice Elaine Holmes  
Consciousness Methamphetamine Addiction  "Methamphetamine Romance" (2016)  Hooten Hallers  Elaine Holmes   
Consciousness Substance Abuse "Because I Got High" (2000) Afroman Elaine Holmes  
Consciousness drugs, LSD  don't do drugs kids  flatbush zombies  Elaine Holmes  it talks about opening your mind because of acid and other drugs. They shed light on the topic in a none negative outlook on drugs. I like their perspective on it. 
Development child abuse  "Luka" (1987) Suzanne Vega  Jim Maddux, Ann Weber   
Development adolescence  "Parents just don't understand" (1988)  DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince  Jeremy Houska   
Development emerging adulthood  "What's my age again?" (1999) Blink 182  Jeremy Houska   
Development conditional love  "Daughter" (1993) Pearl Jam  Jeremy Krause   
Development parental influence, influence of peers "Dear Mama" (1995) 2Pac  Jeremy Houska   
Development transition to old age, meaning  "September of my years" (1965) Frank Sinatra Jeremy Houska  
Development themes of constancy, change in development  "Changes" (1998) 2Pac  Jeremy Houska  Given the lyrics, personal change/constancy can be extended to societal change/stagnation 
Development end of life issues, death and dying "24 hours to live" (1997) Mase Jeremy Houska coarse lyrics. Can launch a reflective piece based on the hook ("If you had twenty four hours to live...just think: where would you go? What would you do?...")
Development Generational differences, entitlement "The World Is Yours" (1994) Nas Jeremy Houska Can introduce generational differences, role of upbringing (e.g., effects of being told "the world is yours") in development
Development Development of self-esteem; development of self  "Self-esteem" (1994) The Offspring  Mark Pezzo, Mark Whatley, Maya Aloni   
Development Effects of divorce on family, child development  "Only a Dream" (1992) Mary Chapin Carpenter  Ann Weber   
Development Attachment anxiety  "Without You"  Mariah Carey (1994), others Juliana Breines   
Development Attachment avoidance  "I'm like a bird" (2000) Nelly Furtado  Juliana Breines   
Development nature vs. nurture debate  "Born this way" (2011) Lady Gaga  Juliana Breines   
Development Prenatal development  "Don't call me baby" (1999) Madison Avenue  Jeremy Houska   
Development Transitioning to adulthood, marriage, parenthood, family life "Let's Get Married" (2000)  Jagged Edge  Jeremy Houska   
Development Childhood "Sweet Child O' Mine" (1988) Guns N' Roses Jeremy Houska  
Development Adolescence, rebellion  "Boss of Me" (2001) They Might Be Giants  Jeff Henriques   
Development Adolescence "Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self" (2007) Pink Jeff Henriques  
Development Gender roles "Stupid Girl" (2007) Pink Jeff Henriques  
Development Development "World" (2006) Five For Fighting Jim Matiya  
Development Intergenerational effects of parenting and attachment  "Daughter"       
Development Development/Aging/Death   "100 years" (2004) Five for Fighting  Julie Carpenter   
Development Development/Aging/Death   "Don't Blink" (2007)  Kenny Chesney  Julie Carpenter    
Development Difficult Childhood  His daughter (2014)  Molly Kate Kestner  Elaine Holmes  messed up childhood, alcoholism, emotions, growing up 
Development Life Review  "7 Years"  Lukas Graham Elaine Holmes Erickson's States for the 21st century 
Educational Psyc Education, cultural attitudes toward education  "Another brick in the wall" (1979) Pink Floyd  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion Emotions, physiological arousal  "Good Feeling" (2011)  Flo Rida  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion Emotions, happiness  "Good vibrations" (1991) Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion Physiological arousal, sexual motivation "Good vibrations" (1966) Beach Boys  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion motivation and emotion, love as a predictor of happiness  "Love and happiness" (1972) Al Green  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion Anger, effects of uncontrolled anger  "Broken Butterflies" (2001) Lucinda Williams  Ann Weber   
Emotion Lie detection  "Lyin' Eyes" (1975) The Eagles  Ann Weber  Lyin' eyes until 7:14 of video 
Emotion Emotions  "Emotions" (1991) Mariah Carey  Jeremy Houska   
Emotion Loneliness, isolation, sadness  "The Sound of Silence" (1965)  Simon and Garfunkel  Carol Furchner   
Emotion Emotions and physiology  "My Heart Cries For You" (1950) Guy Mitchell  Ann Weber   
Emotion stress   Sour Patch Kids   Bryce Vine  Elaine Holmes  
Emotion Emotion intro  "I Second That Emotion  Smokey Robinson  Elaine Holmes   
Gender/Sexuality Gender roles, expectations  "I will survive" (remake) (1995) Cake  Ann Weber   
Gender/Sexuality Gender roles, expectations  "Stand by your man" (remake) (1980) Blues Brothers  Ann Weber    
Gender/Sexuality Human sexuality  "The Bad Touch" (1999)  Bloodhound Gang  John McElroy    
Gender/Sexuality Gender, gender stereotypes  "Ladies First" (1989) Queen Latifah & Monie Luv  Jeremy Houska   
Gender/Sexuality sexual behavior  "It takes two" (1988) Rob Base & DJ E Z Rock  Jeremy Houska   
Gender/Sexuality self-efficacy, gender, power "Independent Women Part I" (2001) Destiny's Child  Ellie Buteau, Juliana Breines   
Gender/Sexuality gender stereotypes  "Just Like a Woman" (1966) Bob Dylan  Ann Weber   
Gender/Sexuality sexuality, female desire "Essence" (2001) Lucinda Wiliams Ann Weber  
Gender/Sexuality Transvestic fetishism, transexualism, homosexuality  "Lola" (1970) The Kinks  Gary Baker  The song could illustrate any of the three concepts, and would provide an opportunity to discuss the differences between the three. 
Gender/Sexuality self-efficacy, gender; gender roles, societal expectations "Bad Girl" (1999) DJ Rap  Jeremy Houska   
Gender/Sexuality rape  "Me and a Gun" (1991) Tori Amos  Fabiana DesRosiers   
Gender/Sexuality gang rape  "Hold Her Down" (1992) Toad the Wet Sprocket  Fabiana DesRosiers   
Gender/Sexuality description of the shame placed on young, unwed, pregnant women  "The Magdalene Laundries" (1994) Joni Mitchell  Fabiana DesRosiers    
Gender/Sexuality gender roles "When I Was a Boy" (1995) Dar Williams Fabiana DesRosiers   
Gender/Sexuality teenage pregnancy "Eat for Two" (1989) 10,000 Maniacs Fabiana DesRosiers  
Gender/Sexuality poverty, single motherhood "Dust Bowl" (1989) 10,000 Maniacs Fabiana DesRosiers  
Gender/Sexuality Sadomasochism "The Blue Mask" (1982) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques  
Gender/Sexuality Masturbation "Rosie" (1977) Jackson Browne Jeff Henriques "I got to hand it to me..."
Gender/Sexuality Fetishism "Fetish" (1999) Joan Jett Jeff Henriques  
Gender/Sexuality Masturbation  "Making Love Alone" (1997) Bernadette Peters  Jeff Henriques   
Gender/Sexuality Sexual Orientation  "I Kissed a Girl" (1995)  Jill Sobule Jeff Henriques  Released way before Katy Perry's song of the same name 
Gender/Sexuality Sexual Orientation "Johnny, Are You Queer?" (1981) Josie Cotton Jeff Henriques  
Gender/Sexuality Sexuality "Never Say Never" (1981) Romeo Void Jeff Henriques  
Gender/Sexuality Gender roles "Stupid Girl" (2007) Pink Jeff Henriques   
Gender/Sexuality Sexual fetishes  "The Masochism Tango" (1959) Tom Lehrer  Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain   
Gender/Sexuality Gender roles, societal expectations  "Boys Don't Cry" (1979) The Cure  Steve Jones   
Gender/Sexuality Sexuality  Sex (2013) The 1975  Elaine Holmes   
Gender/Sexuality  Gender Roles "Ladylike/WHATTABITCH" (2017)  The Regrettes Elaine Holmes  I think this song really works because the beginning of the song outlines what women are expected to do according to society and the second half is about what is said about a woman who is a feminist. 
Health Stress, societal pressures  "Under pressure" (1981) Queen  Jeremy Houska   
Health predictors of happiness, relationship between income and happiness "It's all about the Benjamins" (1997) Puff Daddy  Jeremy Houska   
Health self-report measures of happiness, subjective happiness  "It was a good day" (1993) Ice Cube  Jeremy Houska  coarse lyrics 
Health happiness, coping strategies  "Don't worry, be happy" (1988) Bobby McFerrin  Rachel Eells   
Health stress in daily life, perceived stress, stressors "The Breaks" (1980) Kurtis Blow  Jeremy Houska  have students identify stressful events in lyrics
Health environmental stressors on health and coping strategies "The Message" (1982) Grandmaster Flash  Jeremy Houska  have students identify environmental stressors in lyrics 
Health subjective well-being, materialism, weak predictors of happiness "C.R.E.A.M. (Cash rules everything around me)" (1993) Wu Tang Clan  Jeremy Houska   
Health physiological arousal and performance, arousal and task complexity "You Gots To Chill" (1988) E.P.M.D.  Jeremy Houska  
Health Positive illusions, coping with disease  "Ruby Tuesday" (1967) Rolling Stones  Ann Weber  Lyric "lose your dreams and you will lose your mind, in life unkind." Song does a great job of representing the positive illusions research and coping with disease. 
Health Positive psychology, gratitude, positivity "It's Good to Be Alive" (1999) DJ Rap  Jeremy Houska   
Health Body esteem  "Sexy and I Know It" (2011) LMFAO  Juliana Breines   
Health Body esteem  "Beautiful" (2002) Christina Aguilera  Juliana Breines   
Health Body esteem "Unpretty" (1999) TLC Juliana Breines  
Health positive psychology "Just a Little More Love" (2002) David Guetta Jeremy Houska  
Health Optimism "Three Little Birds" (1980) Bob Marley Juliana Breines  
Health Optimism "I Gotta Feeling" (2009) The Black Eyed Peas Jeremy Houska  
Health Optimism "Don't Stop Believin'" (1981) Journey Jeremy Houska  
Health Stress and Coping  "Don't Talk to Me About Work" (1983) Lou Reed  Jeff Henriques   
Health Coping, Persistence  "The Fighter" (2012)  Gym Class Heroes  Jeremy Houska   
Health Positive psychology, happiness  "Feel So Good" (1997) Mase  Jeremy Houska   
Health Positive psychology, gratitude, positivity  "What a Wonderful World" (1968) Louis Armstrong  Jeremy Houska   
Health Health/Stress/Mental illness  "Control" (1986) Janet Jackson Julie Carpenter   
Health Positive psychology, happiness  "Happy" (2013) Pharrell Williams  Jeremy Houska  Also at
Health Self Image/Esteem Pretty Hurts (2014) Beyonce  Elaine Holmes   
Health self esteem and self determination "Just the Way You Are  Bruno Mars Elaine Holmes   I thought that it represented the unconditional positive regard that Carl Rogers talks about. He wants this unconditional positive regard in relationships to help people self-actualize and eventually develop their own self esteem and self determination
History Freudian theory  "Sex with your parents" (1996) Lou Reed  Ann Weber   
History psychology as a science  "Weird Science" (1985) Oingo Boingo Jeremy Houska   
History Freud "Mother" (1979) Pink Floyd  Ann Weber  
History Freud's pleasure principle, id  "I want it all now" (1979) The Tubes  Ann Weber   
History Introspection, Titchener  "Bawitdaba" (1999)  Kid Rock  Tasha Howe   
History Historical perspectives on therapy, treatment, electroshock treatment "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" (1977) The Ramones  Steve Jones   
History Historical perspectives on therapy, treatment, lobotomy "Teenage Lobotomy" (1977) The Ramones  Steve Jones    
I/O employment, division of labor "Why don't you get a job" (1998) The Offspring  Jeremy Houska  coarse lyrics 
I/O Leaving a job  "Take This Job and Shove It" (1977)  Johnny Paycheck  Elaine Holmes   
Intelligence Intelligence, socialization, gender "Stupid Girls" (2006) Pink  Jeremy Houska   
Intelligence Intelligence  "Mayor of Simpleton" (1989) XTC  David Butler   
Language structure of language, syntax, rhyme  "Check the Rhime" (1991) A Tribe Called Quest  Jeremy Houska   
Language language and thought  "Me, Myself, and I" (1989) De La Soul  Jeremy Houska   
Language language, speech segmentation  "Mairzy Doats" (1943)  The Merry Macs  Carol Furchner   
Learning Classical conditioning  "Bitch" (1971) Rolling Stones  Jim Maddux, Ann Weber  has the great line "when you call my name, I salivate like Pavlov's dog" (1:55) 
Learning observational learning  "Walk this way" (1986)  Run D.M.C., Aerosmith  Jeremy Houska   
Learning variable reward "Hot N Cold" (2008) Katy Perry  Juliana Breines   
Learning Classical conditioning "Dinner Bell" (1992) They Might Be Giants Jessica Hill  
Learning Classical conditioning "Brian Wilson" (2007) Barenaked Ladies Angela Kelling "t's a matter of instinct; It's a matter of conditioning and a matter of fact; You can call me Pavlov's Dog; Ring a bell and I'll salivate"
Memory Memory, social perception  "Don't you forget about me" (1985) Simple Minds  Jeremy Houska   
Memory Meaningfulness and memory, mnemonics  "867-5309/Jenny" (1981) Tommy Tutone  Jeremy Houska   
Memory Memory, mind-wandering "Set adrift on memory bliss" (1991) P.M. Dawn  Jeremy Houska   
Memory Declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge  "What you know" (2006) T.I.  Jeremy Houska  Can encourage students to free-write "what they know." Can use before asking factual questions and/or what students know about a particular process 
Memory Episodic memory  "Memories" (2010) David Guetta, Kid Cudi  Jeremy Houska   
Memory Memory, autobiographical memory  "Remember the Time" (1992) Michael Jackson  Jeremy Houska   
Memory Memory, episodic memory  "Memory" (1981) Barbara Streisand  Carol Furchner   
Memory Memory  "Only a Memory" (1988)  The Smithereens  Jeff Henriques   
Memory Memory  "Remember (Christmas)" (1972) Harry Nilsson  Ann Weber   
Memory Memory  "All I Can Be (Is a Sweet Memory)" (1991) Collin Raye  Steve Jones   
Motivation hierarchy of needs, self-actualization  "My Way" (1969) Frank Sinatra  Jeremy Houska   
Motivation intrinsic, extrinsic motivation  "All I Do Is Win" (2010)  DJ Khaled Jeremy Houska Can have students differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators-- as mentioned in the lyrics and as images in the music video 
Motivation delayed gratification (failure)  "Instant Pleasure" (1999) Rufus Wainwright  Juliana Breines   
Motivation Motivation  "Respect" (1967) Aretha Franklin  Ann Weber   
Motivation  Motivation "All I Do is Win" (2010) DJ Khalid Elaine Holems   
Neuroscience hunger regulation, hypothalamus  "Hungry like the wolf" (1982) Duran Duran  Jeremy Houska   
Neuroscience introduction to brain structures  "Insane in the brain" (1993) Cypress Hill  Jeremy Houska  Could also be used for the disorders/treatment unit, but I prefer it here because of the repetition of "brain." 
Neuroscience plasticity; experience of musicians shapes brain structures; popular depictions of hemispheric specialization/ left vs. right brained "Can't Live Without My Radio" (1985) L.L. Cool J.  Jeremy Houska  Could springboard into discussion of whether those who "can't live without their radio" or musicians have different brain structures? Afterward, can discuss the oversimplification of the left vs. right-brained distinction in the popular media.
Neuroscience Brain damage  "Zaz Turned Blue" (1983) Was (Not Was)  Jeff Henriques  Vocals by the great Mel Torme 
Neuroscience Neuropsychology  "Brain Damage"  Pink Floyd  Ann Weber   
Neuroscience Parts of the brain  "Brainstem"  Pinky and the Brain  Suzi Shapiro   
Neuroscience Electrical impulses in the brain  "Electric Slide" (1989)  Marcia Griffiths  Julie Carpenter   
Neuroscience Brain Structures  "Brain Parts Song" (2011)  Aaron Wolfe  Elaine Holmes  Excellent for memorizing structures and their functions! A must use! 
Neuroscience NTM Love Song  "A Neuroscience Love Song"  Skunk Bear  Elaine Holmes  A Valentine's Day Treat! 
Perception Pain perception  "Bring the Pain" (1994) Method Man  Jeremy Houska   
Perception Emotion-congruent perception  "Rose-colored glasses" (1978) John Conlee  Ann Weber   
Perception Perception  "On a clear day you can see forever" (1970)  Barbara Streisand  Ann Weber   
Perception Light, visual perception  "Flashing Lights" (2012) Kids These Days Jeremy Houska    
Personality Projective tests "Crazy" (2006) Gnarls Barkley  Jeremy Houska  video can be used to lead into projective tests (Rorschach) 
Personality Narcissism  "The fear" (2008) Lily Allen  Rachel Eells   
Personality Adler's superiority complex  "Cleaning out my closet" (2002) Eminem  Jeremy Krause   
Personality self-concept, self-esteem "Loser" (1993) Beck  Jeremy Houska   
Personality self-concept, self-esteem  "Creep" (1992) Radiohead  Jeremy Houska   
Personality terror management theory, mortality salience "Tha Crossroads" (1996) Bone Thugs N Harmony  Jeremy Houska   
Personality self reflection, identity  "Journey to the Past" (1998) Aaliyah  Ellie Buteau   
Personality finding an identity "Place In This World" (1996) Mary Chapin Carpenter  Ann Weber   
Personality Self and place "Heartland" (1993) Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan  Ann Weber   
Personality Personality disorders  "Me and I" (1980) Abba  Donna Shetowsky   
Personality Freud's model of personality structure, id, delay of gratification  "Give Me Everything" (2011) Pitbull  Jeremy Houska   
Personality Authentic self-esteem  "Don't be shy" (1984) Cat Stevens  Juliana Breines   
Personality Authentic self-esteem   "If you want to sing out, sing out" (1984) Cat Stevens  Juliana Breines   
Personality Authentic self-esteem "True Colors"  Cyndi Lauper (1986); Phil Collins Juliana Breines  
Personality Authentic self-esteem "Firework" (2010) Katy Perry Juliana Breines  
Personality Intrinsic self-esteem "The Greatest Love of All" (1986) Whitney Houston Juliana Breines  
Personality Intrinsic self-esteem "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" (2006) Josh Groban Juliana Breines  
Personality self-confidence "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" (2009) Pitbull Jeremy Houska  
Personality self-confidence "U Can't Touch This" (1990) MC Hammer Juliana Breines  
Personality humble self-esteem, humility "Wind Beneath My Wings" (1989) Bette Midler Juliana Breines  
Personality narcissism, extravagance, exhibitionism "Otis" (2011) Kanye West & Jay Z Jeremy Houska Besides the rampant materialism in the lyrics and carefree attitude toward customizing (wrecking) a brand-new Maybach, the lyrics "...looking like wealth, about to call the paparazzi on myself" sum up the level of braggadocio in this track.
Personality materialism "All Falls Down" (2004) Kanye West Jeremy Houska Lyrics in this track are more honest and reflective when compared to other Kanye West songs: ("Man, I promise, I'm so self conscious. That's why I have at least one of my watches...""The prettiest people do the ugliest things for the road to riches and diamond rings..." "I wanna act ballerific like it's all terrific.") He also recounts buying something to make his friends jealous. 
Personality self-centeredness, narcissism "I'm Too Sexy" (1991) Right Said Fred  Carol Furchner   
Personality narcissism  "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" (1978)  Rod Stewart  Jeremy Houska   
Personality Defense mechanisms  "World of Denial" (1994) Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Jeff Henriques   
Personality Defense mechanisms  "Cleopatra, Queen of Denial" (1992) Pam Tillis  Jeff Henriques   
Personality Time perspective  "Time After Time" (1984) Cyndi Lauper  Donna Shestowsky   
Personality Personality  "Personality" (1946)  Johnny Mercer  Ann Weber   
Personality Personality, Freudian perspectives on personality "Oedipus Rex"  Tom Leher  Suzi Shapiro   
Personality Freudian Perspectives on Personality "Pleasure Principle" (1986) Janet Jackson Jessica Hill  
Personality Personality "Cult of Personality" (1988) Living Colour Jessica Hill  
Personality Narcissism "Selfie" (2014) The Chainsmokers Jeremy Houska  
Personality Ego/Narcissism  "Me Too" Meghan Trainor Elaine Holmes  
Psychological Disorders Depression  "(Sittin' on) the dock of the bay" (1968) Otis Redding  Jim Maddux, Ann Weber   
Psychological Disorders Depression  "Ain't no sunshine" (1971) Bill Withers  Jeremy Houska   
Psychological Disorders Mental illness, alienation  "Walk alone" (1983) T.S.O.L.  Chris Fowler   
Psychological Disorders Anxiety  "Anxiety" (1989) Bad Religion  Chris Fowler   
Psychological Disorders Paranoia  "Somebody's watching me" (1984) Rockwell  Rachel Eells   
Psychological Disorders Mental illness stigma, labeling, nature of mental illness  "Crazy" (2006) Gnarls Barkley; Violent Femmes (cover, 2008) Jeremy Houska  
Psychological Disorders Schizophrenia  "Schizophrenia" (2000) Blue October  Damien Olivares  Chorus and repetition of disorder
Psychological Disorders Schizotypal behavior, peculiarities of thought "Mind playing tricks on me" (1991) Geto Boys  Jeremy Houska  
Psychological Disorders seasonal affective disorder "Summertime" (1991) DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince  Jeremy Houska   
Psychological Disorders Depression  "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" (2001)  U2 Ellie Buteau   
Psychological Disorders Alcoholism  "Longneck Bottle" (1997) Garth Brooks  Ann Weber   
Psychological Disorders Alcoholism  "Two Pina Coladas" (1998) Garth Brooks  Ann Weber   
Psychological Disorders Dissassociative identity disorder  "Lucky 4 You (Tonight, I'm Just Me)" (1999) SHeDAISY Rachael Mapes   
Psychological Disorders stereotypes of mental illness  "They're Coming To Take Me Away" (1966)  Napoleon XIV  Carol Furchner   
Psychological Disorders Mental Illness, Psychopathy "Psychotherapy"    The Ramones Jeff Henriques  The singer claims he's schizoid, but appears to be antisocial 
Psychological Disorders Agoraphobia  "Agoraphobia" (2004) Incubus  Jeff Henriques   
Psychological Disorders Mental Illness, depression "Riptide" (1998) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques  
Psychological Disorders Anxiety "Waves of Fear" (1982) Lou Reed Jeff Henriques  
Psychological Disorders Psychopathology "Bleed Like Me" (2005) Garbage Jeff Henriques Verses describe eating disorders, self-mutilation, gender identity disorder, alcoholism
Psychological Disorders Psychopathology "Crazy" (2005) Simple Plan Jeff Henriques societal factors in psychopathology
Psychological Disorders Depression  "King of Pain" (1983) The Police  Jeff Henriques   
Psychological Disorders Subjective experiences of mental illness  "Papercut" (2001) Linkin Park  Tasha Howe   
Psychological Disorders Suicide, depression  "Fade to Black" (1984)  Metallica  Ann Weber   
Psychological Disorders Schizophrenia  "21st Century Schizoid Man" (1969) King Crimson  Ann Weber   
Psychological Disorders Abnormal "Am I Going Insane?" (1975) Black Sabbath Ann Weber  
Psychological Disorders Bipolar disorder, paranoia, paranoid schizophrenia  "Bohemian Rhapsody" (1975) Queen  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Schizophrenia, madness "Brain Damage" (1973) Pink Floyd  Steve Jones  
Psychological Disorders Depression, loneliness  "Circle" (1988)  Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Negative self-image, depression  "Don't Want To Live Inside Myself" (1971) Bee Gees  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Depression  "Down in a Hole" (1992) Alice in Chains  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Obsession  "Every Breath You Take" (1983) The Police  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Depression, Electroconvulsive therapy "Fire and Rain" (1970) James Taylor Steve Jones  
Psychological Disorders Feelings of craziness "Basket Case" (1994) Green Day Steve Jones  
Psychological Disorders Hallucinations "Just A Ghost In This House" (1990) Shenandoah Steve Jones  
Psychological Disorders Depression "Like The Weather" (1987) 10,000 Maniacs Steve Jones A very happy song about depression
Psychological Disorders Bipolar Disorder  "One of My Turns" (1979) Pink Floyd  Steve Jones   
Psychological Disorders Schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder  "Sweating Bullets" (1993)  Megadeth  Steve Jones    
Psychological Disorders Psychiatric care, deinstitutionalization  "Take Me Home" (1985)  Phil Collins  Steve Jones    
Psychological Disorders Anxiety, Antipsychotic drugs  "We're a Happy Family" (1977) The Ramones  Steve Jones    "We're in all the magazines, gulping down Thorazine" 
Psychological Disorders Abnormal  "Masochism Tango"  Tom Leher  Suzi Shapiro   
Psychological Disorders Depression  "Heavy"  (2013) Possessed By Paul James  Elaine Holmes   
Psychological Disorders Psychopathy  "Psycho Killer" (1977)  Talking Heads  Elaine Holmes  Intro song for unit on Serial Killers 
Psychological Disorders Addiction  "Alcoholics" (2016) Skizzy Mars Elaine Holmes  
Psychological Disorders BiPolar Disorder Manic Depression Jimi Hendrix Covered By Seal and Jeff Beck Elaine Holmes  
Psychological Disorders Suicide "1-800-273-8255" Logie Elaine Holmes  
Psychological Disorders  Depression/Suicide Migraine (2013) TWENTY ØNE PILØTS Elaine Holmes  I think this song does a good job of describing the mental battle of depression but also has an encouraging undertone about solutions and the process of getting better. 
Psychological Disorders  Psychological Disorders - Anxiety The Fear (2011)  Ben Howard Elaine Holmes   
Psychological Disorders Depersonalization Derealization Disorder "Comfortably Numb"  1979 Pink Floyd Elaine Holmes   
Research Methods ethics in research, researcher credibility, falsification of data, retractions "Girl You Know It's True" (1988) Milli Vanilli  Jeremy Houska Most students will probably not be aware of the Milli Vanilli lip-synch scandal because the practice of lip-synching is common today. Some on the historical context and public shock/outrage here. Can draw parallels between the incident and the scientific process of retractions (e.g., Retraction Watch).
Research Methods introduction to/ importance of operational definitions  "What is love?" (1993)  Haddaway  Jeremy Houska  Can have students operationally define "love." Ask probing questions, ask students to identify challenges and limitations associated with their classmates' definitions. Can build on discussion by bringing out theories of love.
Research Methods Psychometrics, measurement  "Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)" (1993) Sting  Ann Weber   
Research Methods Popular depictions of psychology, Pop Psych  "Psychobabble" (1982)   Alan Parsons Project  Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain   
Research Methods behavioroid measures; estimation of behavior; limitations of hypothetical approach "24 hours to live" (1997) Mase Jeremy Houska coarse lyrics. Can launch a reflective piece based on the hook ("If you had twenty four hours to live...just think: where would you go? What would you do?...") and segue into questionnaire research.
Research Methods Plagiarism  "Lobachevski" (1953) Tom Leher  Suzi Shapiro   
Research Methods Psychological concepts, Constructs  "U Can't Touch This" (1990) M.C. Hammer  Jeremy Houska  Constructs are not visible and cannot be touched. 
Research Methods Science "She Blinded Me With Science" (1982)  Thomas Dolby  Jeff Henriques   
Research Methods
"Weird Science" (1985)
Oingo Boingo
Angela Kelling
Research Methods What has been studied "This is How We Do It" (1995) Montell Jordan Angela Kelling There is a radio edit version
Research Methods Relation with media "Dirty Laundry" (1982) Don Henley Angela Kelling  
Research Methods Generalization "Here in the Real World" (1990) Alan Jackson Angela Kelling  
Sensation vision, visual acuity, rods and cones  "I wear my sunglasses at night" (1984) Corey Hart  Jeremy Houska   
Sensation Sensation, sense of touch  "I Have The Touch"  Peter Gabriel  Steve Jones   
Sensation Vision  "I Can See Clearly Now"  Johnny Nash  Elaine Holomes   
Sensation Audition "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"  Marvin Gaye  Elaine Holmes Just a good song! 
Social Obedience to authority  "Authority Song" (1983) John Mellencamp  Anthony Pratkanis, Ann Weber, Steve Jones   
Social Stanley Milgram's research  "Milgram's 37" (1986)  Peter Gabriel  David Copeland, Anthony Pratkanis, PJ Henry, Margaret Kovera, Ann Weber, Juliana Breines  
Social Love and relationships  "Love Stinks" (1980) J. Geils Band  Anthony Pratkanis, Ann Weber   
Social Love and relationships  "Love Stinks" (1998) Adam Sandler's Wedding Singer version  Jeremy Houska   
Social Reasons for interpersonal violence  "Gangsta's Paradise" (1995) Coolio  Jim, Ann Weber  complex lyrics, many different possible interpretations 
Social Attraction, gender and mating strategies; Evolutionary perspectives on behavior "Girls & Boys" (2003)   Good Charlotte  Jeremy Houska, Karen Castelli  
Social Aggression  "Mama said knock you out" (1991) L.L. Cool J.  Jeremy Houska  And life imitates art
Social First impressions, friendship, love "Just a friend" (1989) Biz Markie Jeremy Houska  
Social Types of love, love styles, components of love "Now that we've found love" (1991) Heavy D & The Boyz Jeremy Houska  
Social key factors in interpersonal attraction, evolutionary perspectives on attraction  "I wish" (1995) Skee-Lo  Jeremy Houska   
Social social proof, conformity, persuasion  "Mass appeal" (1994) Gang Starr  Jeremy Houska  Can use the song's hook-- consumers will often purchase products that are popular or have mass appeal. Can go deeper into the lyrics- and tie in related concepts of conformity, herd behavior as they relate to the music industry.
Social mate preferences  "Ruffneck" (1993) MC Lyte  Jeremy Houska  some coarse lyrics 
Social mate preferences   "Around The Way Girl" (1990) LL Cool J.  Jeremy Houska   
Social Actor-observer effect, situational factors, dispositional attributions "What would you do?" (2001) City High  John Tauer, Juliana Breines, Maya Aloni Story of a teenage mom who turns to stripping to make money to support her family. In the song are two very different perspectives for her behavior: situational factors, dispositional attributions. 
Social The primacy of passion in love  "Take Me for Longing" (2002) Alison Krauss & Union Station   Ann Weber   
Social self-enhancement, self-aggrandizement  "I'm Bad" (1987) LL Cool J.  David Piazarro  Many rap songs are simply self-aggrandizing anthems-- take "I'm Bad"-- it's filled with references to LL's own prowess in every domain. 
Social stereotyping and prejudice  "Short People" (1977) Randy Newman  Ann Weber   
Social social categorization  "She's Not the Cheatin' Kind" (1994)  Brooks and Dunn  Ann Weber   
Social Relationship dissolution  "Rolling in the deep" (2010) Adele  Juliana Breines   
Social Relationship dissolution  "Someone like you" (2011) Adele  Juliana Breines     
Social Collective self-esteem  "We are the Champions" (1977) Queen  Juliana Breines   
Social Collective self-esteem  "God Bless the USA"  Lee Greenwood (1984); Beyonce's cover (2008) Juliana Breines    
Social Collective self-esteem  "The Star Spangled Banner" (1991)  Whitney Houston  Juliana Breines   
Social Collective self-esteem  "Empire State of Mind" (2009) Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys  Juliana Breines   
Social Collective self-esteem  "Put your hands up (for Detroit)" (2006)  Fedde Le Grand  Jeremy Houska Music video is quite suggestive. 
Social Collective self-esteem  "California Love" 2Pac Jeremy Houska  
Social Relationship dissolution "Gettin' over you" (2009) David Guetta Jeremy Houska  
Social Relationship dissolution "Love is Gone" (2007) David Guetta Jeremy Houska  
Social infidelity "Flashing Lights" (2007) Kanye West Jeremy Houska Story of paparazzi catching a celebrity with another woman. The celebrity's apologies fall on deaf ears as the woman seeks retribution (and gets it).
Social Conformity "Another Brick in the Wall" (1979) Pink Floyd  Jeremy Houska, Maya Aloni  
Social Cognitive dissonance "Not an addict" (1996) K's Choice Juliana Breines  
Social Hindsight bias "I never told you" (2010) Colbie Caillat Juliana Breines  
Social Jealousy "Mr. Brightside" (2004) The Killers Juliana Breines  
Social human mating strategies, evolutionary theories of attraction, derogating a rival "Somebody Told Me" (2004) The Killers Jeremy Houska  
Social Perspective taking "What It's Like" (1998) Everlast Juliana Breines  
Social Altruism "Give A Little Love" (1991) Ziggy Marley Juliana Breines  
Social Attraction "What I Like About You" (1980) The Romantics Juliana Breines, Steve Jones  
Social Attributions "Blame it on the rain" (1989) Milli Vanilli Juliana Breines  
Social Prejudice, discrimination "Across the Lines" (1988) Tracy Chapman Juliana Breines  
Social Self-complexity model "Bitch" (1997) Meredith Brooks Juliana Breines  
Social Self-discrepancy theory "I wish" (1995) Skee-Lo Juliana Breines  
Social spotlight effect "All eyez on me" (1996) 2Pac Juliana Breines  
Social Social exchange theory "Doing Too Much" (2006) Paula DeAnda Juliana Breines  
Social Triangular theory of love "Friends" (1984) Whodini Jeremy Houska  
Social Proximity and attraction "Feel So Close" (2011) Calvin Harris Jeremy Houska  
Social social influence, compliance "If you asked me to"  Patti LaBelle (1989); Celine Dion (1992) Jeremy Houska  
Social evolutionary theories of attraction "If I had no loot" (1993) Tony Toni Tone Jeremy Houska "And so you call me your friend but you only want my gifts. And I'll never see you if I had no loot..."
Social Determinants of attraction "Opposites Attract" (1981) Paula Abdul Jeremy Houska Can use this song to transition into the attraction literature that suggests that "birds of a feather flock together."
Social Relationships, love "Love Hurts" (1961) Nazareth Jeremy Houska  
Social Bystander effect "Outside of a small circle of friends" (1967)  Phil Ochs  John Lewis  The first verse is a direct reference to the Kitty Genovese murder that inspired bystander effect research.  The song itself is a commentary on apathy and social indifference.
Social Situational influences on behavior, peer pressure, frustration, self-presentation  "Complicated" (2003)  Avril Lavigne  Shuck Schallhorn   
Social Racism, discrimination  "Black Rain" (2006)  Ben Harper  Tasha Howe   
Social Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory as related to violence  "Cookie Jar" (2003) Jack Johnson  Tasha Howe   
Social Romantic relationships  "I'm So Excited!" (1982) The Pointer Sisters  Donna Shestowsky   
Social Gender role behavior  "What'll You Do About Me?" (1987) Randy Travis  Ann Weber   
Social Behavior- Attitude inconsistency  "Good Intentions" (1987)  Randy Travis  Ann Weber    
Social Love  "My Cherie Amour" (1969) StevieWonder  Ann Weber   
Social Sex motive "Suck My Kiss" (1992) Red Hot Chili Peppers Ann Weber  
Social Aggression "War Pigs" (1970) Black Sabbath Ann Weber  
Social Dissonance "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (1982) The Clash Judith Harackiewicz  
Social Conformity  "Little Boxes" (1963)  Pete Seegar  Ann Weber   
Social Deception  "Act Naturally" (1963)  Buck Owens  Ann Weber   
Social Deception  "You Were Only Fooling" (1958) Connie Francis  Ann Weber   
Social Cognitive dissonance  "Cognitive Dissonance" (1981) Robert Fripp  Jeffrey Ratliff-Crain   
Social Relationships  "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" (2003) Jet  Jeremy Houska   
Social Prejudice  "Black and White" (1972) Three Dog Night  Steve Jones   
Social Social pressure  "Girl" (1992)  Tori Amos  Steve Jones    
Social Prejudice, stereotypes “Free Your Mind” (1992) En Vogue Steve Jones  
Social Conformity “Hip to Be Square” (1986) Huey Lewis & The News Steve Jones  
Social Cognitive Dissonance “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” (1966) Phil Ochs Steve Jones  
Social Social perception “One Jump Ahead” (1992) Brad Kane (from Aladdin) Steve Jones  
Social Social cognition  "Don't You Want Me?"  (1981) The Human League  Maya Aloni   
Social Social cognition "Ironic" (1996) Alanis Morissette  Maya Aloni  
Social Social perception "Poker Face" (2008) Lady Gaga Maya Aloni  
Social Conformity  "Complicated" (2003)  Avril Lavigne  Maya Aloni  
Social Conformity "Precious Things" (1992) Tori Amos Maya Aloni  
Social Theories of romantic love; Berscheid and Walster's conceptions of passionate and companionate love "Dontchange" (2002) Musiq Soulchild Jeremy Houska Lyrics about aging and physical appearance can illustrate the transition from passionate to companionate love over time.
Social Attraction and relationships "You're Beautiful" (2005) James Blunt Maya Aloni  
Social Attraction and relationships "Love is a Battlefield" (1983) Pat Benatar Maya Aloni  
Social Attraction and relationships "Don't Speak" (1996) No Doubt Maya Aloni  
Social Prosocial behavior "Where is the Love?" (2003) Black Eyed Peas Maya Aloni  
Social Aggression "Before He Cheats" (2006) Carrie Underwood Maya Aloni  
Social Aggression "Daughters" (2003) John Mayer Maya Aloni  
Social Prejudice "Just a Girl" (1995) No Doubt Maya Aloni  
Social Prejudice "Ridin'" (2006) Chamillionaire Maya Aloni  
Social Attraction and relationships, Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, Companionate Love "Grow Old With You" (1998) Adam Sandler  Jeremy Houska   
Social Mate guarding, sex differences in jealousy "Jealous (I ain't with it)" (2014) Chromeo Jeremy Houska  
Social Attraction, mate selection "No Scrubs" (1999) TLC Molly Metz  
Social Attraction, mate selection "I Touch Myself" (1990) Divinyls Molly Metz  
Social Attraction, mate selection "El Scorcho" (1996) Weezer Molly Metz  
Social Attraction, mate selection "Gold Digger" (2005) Kanye West Molly Metz  
Social Attraction "It Must Be Love" (1992) Madness Elaine Holmes  
Social Relationships, Jealousy  "Mr. Brightside" (2001) The Killers Elaine Holmes  
Social sex, love & relationships Portions for Foxes(2004)  Rilo kiley Elaine Holmes  General Commentabsolutely amazing tune! feeling yourself getting mixed up again and again with the same person who's wrong for you, but you cannot resist them. sure we've all been there, non? 'there's a pretty young thing in front of you, and she's really pretty and she's real into you, then she's sleeping inside of you'
Social Cults   Jimmie Jones  Vapors  Elaine Holmes  I think this would be a good song to show with our cults unit. It is about the Jim Jones cult. The lyrics at the beginning illustrate why someone might want to join a cult. It says "They tell me Jimmie's got a line to the man from the ministry. But Jimmies on sale, He's got a mouth to feed. He's got a mission in life, A thousand lives to lead." This definitely shows that it is about Jim Jones. At first I wasn't sure, but it talks about "soul clones" and how "Jimmie's got a place for me." I think this would be a great song to show and it is really catchy. It is from one of my favorite bands and other than this song, all the other ones are good to. 
Statistics types of data, descriptive vs. inferential statistics, NOIR (nominal, ordinal, ratio, interval data) "1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)" (1995) Coolio   Jeremy Houska  song serves as a loose transition into a quantitative unit
Statistics levels of measurement, demographic data "Age ain't nothing but a number" (1994) Aaliyah  Jeremy Houska   
Statistics Odds ratio, probability, statistical significance  "Against All Odds" (1984) Phil Collins  Jeremy Houska   
Statistics Causal connections "Effect and Cause" (2007) White Stripes Angela Kelling  


If your favorite songs and music videos aren't listed in ToPIX, you are welcome to add them yourself or email them to Please include any notes on how you have used them (or could use them) in the classroom.