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Games in the Classroom

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Quiz Options

Kahoot https://kahoot.com/

Mentimeter https://www.mentimeter.com/

Poll Everywhere https://www.polleverywhere.com/



A template is available here: https://jeopardylabs.com/play/psyc3235


Another web-based Jeopardy creation tool is Jeopardy Labs; intro and instructions here


Suggestions for implementation


Errol Magidson (via PSYCHTEACHER listserv 3/23/13)

"Whatever template you use, it is important that the amount bet for answered questions show up in a different color when you return to the main page. Some years ago there was a problem with this with a fix for it. Here's how I set up the contest: I divide the students into groups. They can't use any notes. Groups are created randomly (usually by having students count off by fours for four groups). Each group in turn has a chance to choose a question, but even if it is answered correctly, the next group chooses another question, otherwise one group can dominate the entire quiz. Any student in the group receiving the question can answer it. I award "money" for another group's answering an incorrectly answered question or answering a partially answered question. I also award "money" to any group answering related questions I make up (first hand up) during the course of the quiz review. We have a lot of fun with this game even though I can only play the game for one exam (the one students have traditionally had the most difficulty with) because of time constraints. I use the music, too, but generally only in the beginning and during Final Jeopardy. I give 3 bonus points (out of a total of 625 points for the course) to the winning team, and usually give 2 bonus points to the runner up if their score is somewhat close. Everyone who comes to class that day receives 1 bonus point. I could award more points, but this has worked for me."


Power Point based broadcast game ideas


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